Gladys Atieno H-524

Quinter and Gladys are siblings aged 11 and 9 years old.  They are total orphans.   They lost their mother through cancer and then their father became very sick and died.  They were left under custody of their old grandmother who is also helpless and only begs for food from well-wishers on the streets to get something for the girls.  Quinter said that growing up as an orphan is the worst thing that can happen to anybody since most of the time she had to skip going to school in order to look for food in the villages.  They have a little sister aged 6 years old who is disabled and can’t move. Their first-born sister dropped out of school and got married at tender age due to tough conditions at home and since then they have not seen her or heard of her whereabouts. The girls say they are always they can get something to eat on church days when they go to church but the rest of the days it’s so hard to get food. Quinter at her age is still in grade 3 due to missing school, and she fears that someone might take advantage of her just like they did to her big sister who got pregnant and left home. I highly recommend these two girls to be helped and taken to Hope centre.