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Hope for Children Center is located in Kenya near Lake Victoria and is home to over 100 children. Our high school students attend boarding school during the school year and come home to Hope Center for the holidays. Children in the pre-primary and primary grades attend Hope Academy located on the Center’s grounds. Our campus includes girls’ and boys’ dormitories, a dining hall, kitchen, houses for the administrator and the associate administrator, preschool and primary school buildings, athletic field, and a farm.

The grounds at Hope Center have been beautifully landscaped with plants and flowers making it very attractive and welcoming. The children take pride in their residence and were proud to have received the first place award for having the cleanest school grounds in the district.

300 New Books

The best gift of all, thank you to our donors.

Peter Sam Odera
Center Administrator

The Center Grounds

We are working to make Hope for Children Center as self-sufficient as possible.  We have a farm with produce, cows, goats, chickens and rabbits and a well operated by solar power.  The farm provides food for the children as well as a learning opportunity.   The goal is to eventually have it be income producing.

There is a large field of maize planted and a good-sized vegetable garden with tomatoes, greens, and beans. Currently, we are believing God for a fence and irrigation system and to expand the garden very soon after.

The Schools

Hope Academy serves our children and community children. After completing primary school, our students have the opportunity to attend either a local high school or vocational school. We are committed to providing them with the best education possible.

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