Joseph Weisiko, H-520

Joseph Weisiko is 5 years old and has been living with his mentally challenged mother for the past year since the death of his father back in 2021. When the chief told us about this case, we started the search to look for this family. We tried on several occasions and we were not able to find them home. We were told that his mother Esther has a mental disorder and always roams the streets with this little boy. It’s so sad to hear that this boy sleeps outside in the cold and stays in the sun all day. We were also informed that there are days that things are just normal and the mother returns home but it doesn’t last for long before they go back to the streets. He eats leftovers from the streets and this is very risky for his health.

Joseph will be admitted to Hope on an emergency basis.  Sponsorship fees are $40.00 per month.