Meet Our Board

We love what we do and we do it with passion

James (Jimi) Alpers

Kathie Brand


Vicki Kritzell

Co-Founder, Emeritus

Jean Cederna


Jane Konditi

Krzysztof and Grażyna Barna

Ruth Leckrone

Deb Nickerson

Cathy Robinson


Julie Lowery


Joanne Friday

Meet our Project Administrators

We are very grateful for both our Hope for Children Center administrator who oversees the welfare and education of the children in his care and for our Uganda administrator who provides oversite for our children’s education and well being.

Peter Sam Odera

Hope for Children Center

John Sekaggya


Partners in Ministry

We are extremely blessed to be able to partner with other ministries who also have a heart for the children of Kenya and Uganda. Their support it just as crucial to keeping our ministries running as the children sponsorships by individuals. Below are a few ministries that we partner with on a regular basis.

Touching Heart

Touching Heart has been a project funding partner for several years. Their “Kids on a Mission” raises money by throwing fundraisers for project development at Hope and Maranatha Centers. By involving children in their schools and neighborhoods, they have raised thousands of dollars, enhancing the lives of our children and also growing young missionaries here in the United States.  Touching Heart is the primary funding source of St. Viane’s Clinic in Masaka, Uganda, providing free medical care to hundreds of children.

Brother’s Brother Foundation

Brother’s Brother Foundation has partnered by donating medical supplies.

The Bolick Foundation

Working together with Hearth to Hearth Ministries since October 2020, we are blessed to have the Bolick Foundation join us in spreading the gospel and serving endangered orphans in Kenya and Uganda.