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Help Give Hope

We believe that the 5.3 million orphans
and vulnerable children in Kenya and Uganda
should grow up in a loving home and
enriching environment.
Having a sponsor is more important to the children we serve than you can imagine. It not only ensures they will have a loving place to live and an opportunity to go to school, it also makes them feel loved and special to know someone cares enough about them to be their sponsor.

Sponsorship Process

For $40 a month you can make a difference in a child’s life by becoming a sponsor.

Take a look at our gallery to see the children that need sponsors. Click on the Sponsor button below the child’s photo to read their bio and get to know a little about them.

Check out the list of children
who are in need of sponsors

When you sign up to be a sponsor you will receive a photo and information regarding your child, contact information and guidelines.